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Peri Peri<br>Masala
Peri Peri<br>Masala
Peri Peri<br>Masala
Peri Peri<br>Masala

Peri Peri

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Nutrition Information

Product Description

Nutri Makhana's Peri Peri Makhana is the perfect choice for spice lovers seeking a, nutritious snack.


Key Highlights: 


  • Fiery peri peri flavor infused with a bold, spicy blend
  • Premium quality lotus seeds sourced directly from farmers
  • They are Palm Oil free, Gluten free, low in Calories, high in Protein, Fiber & Calcium
  • Versatile for any occasion - workout fuel, evening indulgence, etc.
  • Unique, intense flavor profile for adventurous palates
  • Offers a healthier way to enjoy spicy, indulgent snacking
FAQ Section

Got Doubts? Get Answers.

Are Nutri Makhana fox nuts organic?
Yes, Nutri Makhana fox nuts are organic and sourced from organic farms.
Can I consume NutriMakhana if I am on a diet?
Absolutely! NutriMakhana is low in calories and high in protein, making it an ideal snack for those on a diet.
How long do NutriMakhana fox nuts stay fresh after opening the pack?
Once opened, it is recommended to consume within 2 weeks for the best taste and freshness.