• Saad Mohammad

    Ive had lots of makhanas before but this product is by far superior in terms of taste, quality and freshness. Best makhana product in the market right now

  • Pratik Anand

    "I ordered Nutri Makhana…amazing snack…super tasty..looks healthy as well….Must try!"

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Not Just HEALTHY but Super Tasty as well

Yummy roasted snacks created with healthy fox nuts and seasoned in mouthwatering flavours from around the world.

Perfect for guilt-free treats!

  • 100% Plant-based

    Plant-based Healthier, Tastier, and Crunchier Snack

  • Health Meets Taste

    Fibre Rich, High in Antioxidants, Source of Calcium, and Rich in Protein

  • Revolutionise the way you Snack

    We ensure that our snacks meet high quality and flavour standards

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We work round the clock to serve the best quality products at low cost 

The science behind Nutrimakhana - Wellness being with u

We played with the notion of establishing a healthy snacking that people may enjoy guilt-free after realising the collective demands of snacking healthy and growing concern towards eco-friendly and ethical protein. A product that was not only nutritionally complete but also refreshing and delightful.

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