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Despite my humble appearance, I-

Real, Balanced ingredients that taste great.

Make it yours with whole food boosts.

Make it yours with whole food boosts.

Fresh-squeezed juices.

Our juice are completely free of preservations.

No added sugar or artificial sweetener.

NutriMakhana infused some

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Baked Makhana - Pudina

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This is multi-purpose software that can be used for any type of the store.

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A Pack of 5 - Peri Peri, Pudina, Tangy Tomato, Salt Pepper, Punjabi Tadka

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This pack of 5 Makhana contains a delicious assortment of flavors that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Each pack contains a unique blend of seasonings, spices, and ingredients that come together to create a deliciously nutritious snack.

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Fearless, innovative snack brand crafting tasty & nourishing treats

When we think of snacks, we think taste! When we think of Healthy & Tasty Snacks, we think Nutrimakhana! Introducing our premium Makhana selection, crafted from meticulously handpicked Makhana using stringent hygiene practices. Our Makhana is completely free from any adulteration, enriched with organic herbs and spices. Crafted without any human contact, it stands as a deliciously healthy option of the utmost quality

We aim at being of our Farmers and Family

Our unwavering commitment revolves around enhancing the well-being of our farmers. Within our Mallah community program, we undertake a mission to shield our farmers from potential health hurdles, offering them vital health benefits, coordinating health camps, and securing them with essential insurance coverage. Furthermore, we extend our reach beyond mere protection. Our core objective is to elevate their abilities, empowering them to not only sustain their agricultural practices but also flourish. Simultaneously, we strive to illuminate a bright educational journey for their children, fostering promising futures. This all-encompassing initiative finds its life force in a portion of our sales, ensuring that our farmers receive equitable compensation for their relentless efforts

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