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Nourishing Your Little Ones with Healthy Snacking Options

by Nutri Makhana on October 03, 2023

Parents, brace yourselves, because when it comes to children, snack time can strike like lightning – anytime, anywhere. And if there's one thing you can count on, it's the unpredictable nature of kids' tastes. Just because they devoured something yesterday doesn't mean it'll pass muster today. Kids have a way of keeping us on our toes.

Meeting a toddler or preschooler's nutritional needs through regular meals alone can be a bit like chasing a moving target, thanks to their ever-shifting appetites. Snacks often step in to bridge the nutritional gap, sometimes taking up a substantial part of their daily diet.

So, say goodbye to the guessing game of 'what do you want to eat now?' We're here to provide you with a carefully curated menu of kid-approved, nutritionist-endorsed snacks that are sure to keep your little ones fueled and happy.

But here's the catch: there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Kids are as unique as their fingerprints, and what works wonders in one household may not cut it in another. Just like with everything else in parenting, it's about tailoring these snack ideas to suit your child's preferences and nutritional needs. Let's dive into the wonderful world of kid-friendly snacks!

If a snack has 20% or more Daily Value(DV) for a nutrient, it means it’s a good source. Try incorporating these tasty options into your rotation.

Here are some Options For Healthy Snacking:

  • Crunchy Chickpeas: Cook some chickpeas in the oven or air fryer until crispy, then top with your preferred savory or sweet spices. Chickpeas and other roasted pulses are delicious, simple to prepare, and high in protein and fiber, which help prevent afternoon cravings.
  • Yogurt Topped Up with Fruits: Yoghurt is a terrific healthy snack for kids, regardless of how you manage to get them to eat it—whether they prefer to spoon it, drink it, or suck down a pouch. It offers some fat, calcium, and protein. In the best case scenario, seek out 2% fat, unsweetened choices and add homemade sweetness like fresh fruit, jam, or a few chocolate chips. A healthy mid-day snack can be given to the kids.
  • Oats Pancakes: This morning staple doubles as a nutritious snack for youngsters with the whole grain deliciousness, protein, and fiber. Avoid single serve oatmeal packets because they frequently contain too much sodium or sugar and instead make your favorite pancake with Nutella and banana on top. a wholesome kid's snack
  • Hummus And Veggies: It's never too early to foster a child's love of hummus, and it's also a tasty and healthy snack approach to get kids interested in vegetables. Try introducing other vegetables like bell peppers, cucumber, and even radishes along with their preferred dippers (celery and carrots). 
  • Makhana Porridge: The makhana should be split in half and roasted in the pan. On the opposite side, roast some dry fruits, then combine and blend the two. Put it in a bowl after making it into a powder shape. Your favorite and nutritious makhana porridge is ready when you combine 1 tbsp of makhana mix with a little water, 1/4 cup date syrup for sweetness, and a few drops of ghee on top.
  • Tomato Carrot Soup: With the benefits of tomatoes and carrots, this soup is simple, fast, and healthy. A moderate sweetness from the carrots and a small sourness from the tomatoes give this soup its flavor. Additionally, this soup aids in the treatment of coughs and colds. The delectable spiced carrot tomato soup is great to choose when your baby fusses over meals and is suitable for babies as young as eight months.
  • Banana Oat Cookies: Kids may enjoy a healthy snack that tastes like a treat with homemade banana cookies. Instead of using refined sugar, mashed bananas give these biscuits their sweetness. Refined sugars raise the risk of heart disease, pediatric obesity, and type 2 diabetes in children, among other health issues.
  • Energy Mixture( Panjeeri): Roast some Makhana, cashews, pistachio, almonds, oats and also add some chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and blend all of them and add some ghee make it in a balls form and can be served to your little one with a glass of milk. This energy mixture  named Panjeeri is not only delicious but also healthy and nutritious for the development of your little one.


Serving your child healthy snacks will, in the end, not only sate their appetites but also full their bellies by giving their bodies the wholesome nutrients that are crucial for their physical growth. You can make snack time entertaining and educational. Therefore, the next time your child requests a snack, think about making some homemade snacks and watch them enjoy these healthy goodies.



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