Makhana for Kiddos – how, when, and what

Makhana for Kiddos – how, when, and what

Mothers around the world know that babies cannot survive solely on breast milk. When most of you think of makhanas, your mind probably goes to laddoos, halwa, or the sweet version consumed during winters. What if we told you that makhanas could act like baby food too? Yes, that’s right! Makhanas are not just delicious but are also highly nutritious when used in your baby’s diet. Read on to know how to make them baby-friendly and why they can be a great addition to your little one’s diet.

What shall be the Right Time to Introduce Makhana to Infants?

Did you know that fox nuts can be given to babies at six months of age? Noticing the popularity of these nuts among adults, most people are well aware that they are good brain food. However, they are not aware that these heart-healthy foods are already a favorite among babies.

It is a good idea to start with smaller amount; for example, a spoonful of makhana powder can be given for three to four days. Once your baby gets comfortable with it and exhibits no signs of allergy or other issues, you can slowly increase the number of makhanas in your baby’s diet. Older babies, who are comfortable with chewing their food, can be given roasted seeds because lotus seeds for toddlers are a great finger food option.

No doubt makhanas are great for babies and toddlers but do not give these seeds in large amounts to babies. These seeds are known to increase body heat and thus should be carefully given during the summer months.

How Much Nourishment is Too Much Nourishment?

1. Lotus seeds are special because they are high in protein and calcium. Calcium helps in building your baby’s bones and teeth. As a high-protein food, lotus seeds are full of health benefits for children, pregnant women, as well as for bodybuilders.

2. Gluten-free food is one of the safest foods for babies because they are less likely to cause allergies. These yummy seeds are gluten-free and have a mild, nutty flavor that your baby will love. Enjoy!

3. Being a rich source of protein, these seeds are an ideal food supplement for babies as it helps in strengthening the baby’s muscles and bones. Just a small spoonful mixed in with baby’s cereal provides that complete protein and mineral requirement or can be cooked along with the rice or lentils to make them more nutritious.

4. Makhanas are a wholesome snack for your child’s growing months. It has antioxidant properties, which help children fight off bad bacteria and keep them from getting severe health conditions, such as Tuberculosis. And what’s more, it is packed with nutrients such as Magnesium, Manganese, and Zinc!

5. These tiny seeds pack an impressive nutritional punch and are a great source of fiber, protein, and other key vitamins and minerals. They help keep your baby's digestive system in place and also boost brainpower.

6. Fulfilling one of the basic needs of your baby through travel does not seem to be as much of a challenge with this particular brand. Calorie-dense, healthy, and easy to digest, these seeds help provide your baby with nutrition and keep them satiated. Let them grow happily in the lap of nature!

What are the Ways to Select Premium Quality Makhana? A mother's love is eternal. She would make every possible effort to stock the best of anything and everything for the child.

Trust us, nothing could be more beautiful than this gesture. Immense!
Here are some of the quick tips to help us segregate the best quality Makhana from the market:

1. Why spend your money on seeds that are not free from chemicals and GMOs? For the best for your baby, opt for organic seeds.

2. Check the expiry date before you buy. Do not buy more than you plan to use before it expires.

3. Store the makhanas in a clean air-tight container. Moisture somehow gets into the container and spoils your makhanas.

4. Make sure you cut the makhanas and check for any worms, before giving them to your baby. It is better to be safe than sorry!

These White Balls are packed with the magic of nature, are a powerhouse of nourishment, and a perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle.

What's anyway waiting you to start consuming them?

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